Monday, 31 July 2017

Self storage for Archiving purposes in Swinton-Mexborough

For a long period now, we have been the solution to all archiving self storage needs in Swinton-Mexborough, Yorkshire, UK.

It does not really matter the special needs that you might have; archive storage for your records, or storage for all your personal documentations, with Boylin's Self Store, you always get the best service.

We provide a self storage service that has proved to be an efficient and reliable alternative to the old-time storage facilities that dominated the Swinton-Mexborough Self Storage market.

We are the only specialist archiving firm that offers you a cost-effective means of managing all your self storage in Swinton-Mexborough.
At Boylin's Self Storage, we believe that no document storage or self storage in Swinton-Mexborough is too small or too big for us to handle.

We can handle all the needs for self storage in Swinton-Mexborough at an affordable price and within a reasonable time frames.

Apart from providing you with the best price on the market, we also have different solutions that you can choose from based on your budget and preferences.

Our document archiving services are suitable for any business with a legal requirement or need to archive documents that are of enormous volumes.

This makes us the only solution for Swinton-Mexborough storage needs.
Safety and security are one of the areas you need to check before contacting a company for your Swinton-Mexborough storage needs, and that is one of our main areas of focus.

At Boylin's Self Store, we only provide one person with the key to the storage archive, and that is the owner. This will make sure that all your important documents are well kept in a secure place.

Our experience and level of trust is another thing we take pride in. We have been providing self storage services in this region or Yorkshire for over 15 years and have all it takes to give you the best self storage service.

 All our storage facilities are under a 24-hour security surveillance that will ensure all your items are safe. We have employed a team of professionals that will take care of all your self storage needs.

Boylin's Self Store is the only company providing storage services in Swinton-Mexborough at very cost effective price. This is one of the reasons most of our clients have kept on referring other people to us making the company grow so fast.

We are even willing to cut our prices even lower to ensure that you get the best service.
For more information on all our services, or to start self storing your documents do not hesitate to contact Boylin's Self Store Services in Swinton-Mexborough on 01709 587692

We simply offer the best rates and services in Yorkshire.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

What is the optimal distance for your self storage?

Boylin's Self Store is your premier Leeds storage facility.

From business to personal items, we feature a wide array of climate-controlled units and containers.

We also feature high fences, gated areas, and 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance.

Whether looking to store discarded items, unwanted furniture, or even commercial stock and inventory - we are committed to excellence in meeting all your self storage Leeds needs.

With a team of dedicated staff on-site at all our self stores, we are able to help you with packing materials, boxes, and full facility tours at your request.

We also feature multiple locations across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK for anyone that needs short or long-term storage services, for more information on our locations visit our website:

Yorkshire Self Storage Solutions

As your premier Yorkshire self storage solution provider, Boylin's continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.

With self storage Leeds units, you too can experience our professional and unsurpassed services across the board.

Whether wishing to store old televisions, radios, or even automobiles -we have a unit that is just right for you.

We also advise our renters on the best ways to stack their boxes.

In fact, our blog is filled with informative articles and posts about self storage services in Leeds and other leading cities in the Yorkshire area and the rest of the UK.

Optimal Distance to Your Self Storage

With many locations across Yorkshire, Boylin's always ensures you are close to your valuables. No matter the size of the unit - or its items - we protect your containers with true security around the clock.

According to the Self Storage Association, people across the UK do not want to travel far in order to get to their self storage units.

In fact, recent polls and studies show that 85% of customers are only willing to travel 10-15 minutes to their units.

We have facilities across Yorkshire that guarantees timely arrivals and access to all your self service storage units. We also offer convenient drop-off areas, as well as plenty of parking to ensure ample leg room to and from your units.

Whether you live in a big city or residential area, you can be sure that we are not too far away.

In fact, we urge you to visit our website to access all our locations throughout Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. Our website also features pricing plans for unit rentals, as well as plenty of discounts for first-time or returning clients.

At Boylin's, our commitment to providing you the best storage services will always be there.

For more information or to find the nearest self-storage location, simply contact us on 0113 2430740 or visit our website:

Monday, 24 July 2017

Self storage and living in the city of Rotherham

Boylin's Self Store is your solution for long-term or short-term storage needs.

From old family heirlooms and furniture to business stock and inventory - we feature the best self storage Rotherham units and containers.

With climate control, CCTV, and computerised access - all your personal and/or business belongings will always be safe 24/7.

When it comes to storage in Rotherham, we feature units of all sizes for your convenience.

Our onsite staff is always ready to help you with packing materials and storage boxes as well.

With easy drop-off and pick-up, Boylin's truly make Rotherham storage services easy and cost-efficient for one and all.

Self Storage in the City of Rotherham

When it comes to self storage, most people think of residential areas and the suburbs.

However, Boylin's offers the best self storage services for those living in Rotherham as well.

Whether de-cluttering your apartment or flat, our units are large enough to house and store all your items.

We also feature multiple units with different pricing plans, as well as portable and short-term storage containers.

If you live in Rotherham or surrounding areas, Boylin's is committed to excellence in meeting all our self storage needs. In fact, we are proud to offer:

•    Cost-affordable and climate controlled storage units in all sizes.
•    Short-term or long-term storage for all residents and businesses in Rotherham.
•    Camera surveillance, CCTV, high fences, computer access and gated areas for maximum onsite security.
•    Access to your personal or business items 24/7.
•    Easy drop-off and pick-up access - onsite store - packing materials - dedicated and helpful staff.

Why Trust Boylin's

Boylin's is truly a seasoned and reputable company with stellar industry reviews.

For years, we have serviced UK businesses and families with a range of self storage services.

With deep roots in Rotherham, we are proud to be your premier choice for self storage products and services.

Whether wishing to store file cabinets, business stock, old Tupperware, house wares, or even motorcycles and cars - we will truly meet all your storage needs within time and budget.

We also feature weekly discounts, promotional specials, and savings for all seniors and military veterans. At Boylin's, we are committed to making your storage experience the best!

No matter your storage needs or requirements, we are always here to assist you.

From Rotherham to all cities and residential areas in the Yorkshire, let Boylin's help you with all your commercial and personal storage needs today.

For more information, simply visit us at:

Is the 'Time' right for You to invest In Self Storage in Barnsley?

Boylin's Self Store is your premier self storage Barnsley venue.

In fact, our cost-efficient units can easily house all your business or personal items.

With units - in many sizes - that are climate controlled, all your items and/or business stock will be fully protected for months and years to come.

Our Barnsley storage facility also features high fences, along with a central gate and computer access.  This secures additional security, while still allowing you to access your items 24/7.

With CCTV and camera surveillance, Boylin's self storage units in Barnsley will truly meet your needs within time and budget.

We also have a dedicated staff that is ready to help you across the board. From packing materials to storage boxes, Boylin's is the answer to all your storage issues and needs.

When Is the Right Time for Self Storage?

Self storage in Barnsley is a year round solution for de-cluttering your garage, attic or crawlspace.

While these rooms are perfect for storing old family heirlooms and furniture - they can get pretty crowded and extremely dusty over time.

With this in mind, you can decide when the right time is to invest in short or long-term storage.

For most folks, they tend to rent units when moving and want to store unwanted or discarded items in units. Similarly, if your garages are getting too full - that too is a great reason to bring your items over to us.

We can connect you with the best units at the best prices, and are even willing to give you a hand with any and all moves. Best of all, you have easy access to all your belongings - and can store or remove them anytime you wish.

Free Up Space with Self Storage Solutions in Barnsley


While you are free to pack and store your items as desired, we recommend a few basic steps that will help you make the most out of your unit.

For one, pack your items to the ceiling so that there is enough leg room and mobility.

Second, keep the items you may want to take out later in the front.

Third, keep items you no longer need in the back or on the sides. This may include old furniture, along with old TVs, wall units, and more.

For business owners, always keep a pathway to the items you need on a daily or weekly basis. The same also goes for office owners or employees that need access to files, documents, bills, etc.

For more information, please visit our website:

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How Wakefield Businesses need to plan for self storage

Boylin's Self Store is your premier self storage Wakefield facility.

With locations throughout Yorkshire and the UK - we continue to meet the needs of all customers that need short or long-term self storage solutions.

With Boylin's self storage in Wakefield, you get climate-controlled units with ample room for all business or personal belongings.

Our facilities are designed for easy drop-off and loading, and with 24/7 CCTV and camera surveillance. This guarantees all your items are safe and easy to access whenever you like.

Our self-storage facilities are also gated and require pass codes or keys to enter for additional security.

Self Storage for Wakefield Businesses


Boylin's Self Store is the perfect solutions for all your business and commercial self storage needs.

With units of all sizes, we make it easy to store your inventory, stock and even filing cabinets.

In fact, many renters use our units to store their items for eBay, kiosks, and brick and mortar establishments.

However, what is the best way for Wakefield businesses to plan for self storage?

At Boylin's, we have laid out a few essential tips and suggestions on how to make the best of your business self storage needs.

How Much Outsourcing Storage Does Your Business Need?

At Boylin's Self Store, we are always here to meet your Wakefield storage needs.

However, it is up to you to decide how much storage you need for business purposes.

We recommend the following:

•    For time-sensitive businesses that need constant access to stock and inventory, our units are computerised for access 24/7.
This means you have all the items you need for selling at anytime you wish.

•    For office based businesses, we recommend climate-controlled units for all your bulk or large volume documents and cabinets.
We also suggest placing the items you need to take out in the front, while keeping archived documents, bills, and other work documents on the sides or in the back.

Check What Boylin's Self Store Can Do for Your Business

Once you know how much storage you need for your Wakefield business, we can help you find the perfect unit (s).

In fact, here are some of the benefits of storing your business items with us:

•    24/7 computerised access to all your units.
•    High fences, gated areas, and CCTV camera surveillance security systems.
•    Onsite staff that can help you with packing materials, boxes, pallets and much more.

For more information, please visit:

Monday, 10 July 2017

Ways to SAVE MONEY on your self storage in Sheffield

Boylin's Self Store in Sheffield can truly save you time and money.

In fact, our cost-affordable self storage Sheffield units are perfect for all personal and work-related belongings.

With climate control, CCTV, and high fences - our storage Sheffield location is always secure and ready to accept all your items today.

In fact, we at Boylin's are committed to meeting all your self storage needs within time and budget.

With a highly-dedicated team, we offer packaging materials onsite and any assistance you may require.

Whether wishing to store old furniture, wall units, TVs, or business inventory and stock - we have the best storage containers and units in all sizes for your convenience.

Know Your Exact Needs


To make the most out of your self-storage, you need to know exactly what you need.
  • This includes storage unit size, along with which items you plan to store.
  • Do these items need to be kept at certain temperatures?
  • Are they of value or perishable?
These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before renting one or more of our reliable storage units.

You may also need short-term, long-term or temporary storage - so it's best to make a plan and we can help you every step of the way!

Optimise Your Storage Unit Space

It is also important to make the most out the space you are renting.

In fact, we suggest stacking all your items all the way to the ceiling. This way, you have ample room to remove the items you need from the top, while having the items you do not need immediately sit at the bottom.

You should also utilise the strong storage boxes - we provide - for all your fragile items.

Similarly, stack large pieces of furniture as neatly and tightly as possible. While these are a few suggestions, you are free to stack all your belongings as you see fit.

However, it is best to follow our tips to save time, money and especially space!

Boylin's Self Store is always here for you and your loved ones.

From business to family storage, we have deep roots in the community and love to meet all our customer's needs.  Some other tips for saving money and space include:

•    Avoid storing unnecessary items that you do not use or need.
•    Avoid storing large and bulky items that can take up most of your space.

These items can be stored in basements, attics or crawlspaces - especially family heirlooms that carry much value and memories

Please feel free to visit us at:

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Long term Wakefield based self storage considerations

If you are planning to use Wakefield self storage for a long time it is important that you take steps to make sure that your items remain safe and in good condition.

Long term self storage can be a bit tricky especially if the containers that you use are not weatherproof.

This means that the facility that you choose should have containers that are designed or long term storage, such as ours at Boylin's Self Store.

That is not all that you should take into account.

Here are additional tips:

•    Find out whether the storage company offers insurance for long term self storage in Wakefield. This is especially important if you are storing items of value. If the facility offers insurance but doesn't cover your items completely you should consider making up the difference yourself by getting an additional policy.

•    Find out if the self storage facility has rules against some items including chemicals and hazardous materials. Also, keep in mind that items that contain these things change over time and can cause damage to other items and even threaten human lives.

•    Once you get a container you will be issued with a set of keys. You should think carefully about where you want to keep them. If you will be travelling it is important to find someone that you can trust and give them the key so that they can check on your items regularly and make sure that everything is in good condition.

•    You should look into the kind of security that the facility you have in mind has to offer. Ideally, they should have 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as additional access barriers for each container.

•    Make sure that you arrange your container in such a way that you can access specific items without having to remove everything. Put like items in boxes and make sure they are well labeled. Leave some space between the boxes and the wall that you can use to move around.

At Boylin's Self Store we offer clients long term storage containers all the time.

They like us because they know that we take security very seriously.

Whatever you store with us, regardless for how long, you can be sure it will be intact when you come back for it. We however do not allow hazardous materials and chemicals and anything illegal.

You can find out more on our website,