Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ten packing tips for your self storage in Wakefield.

A rented storage space can be quite beneficial if it is used well. You may need a storage unit due to various reasons like going abroad to study, planning a gap year at college, going for military deployment, marriage or divorce among others.

If it is your first time storing stuff in a storage unit, you may be at a loss on what to do. Here are ten packing tips that will help you make the most of our Wakefield storage facility.

These include:

  • Label appropriately
    Label every box according to what to have stored inside such as clothes, breakables etc.
  • Use suitable boxes
    Use boxes of similar sizes which will help you stack them up and utilize the vertical space in the storage unit. Using suitable boxes will also make your storage space appear organized.
  • List all the items that you have stored
    Have a detailed list of every thing that you have stored in various boxes for easier retrieval in future and so that you will have an exact account of everything you have stored for the purpose of filing an insurance claim in the event of a natural disaster.
  •  Store appliances appropriately
    Appliances such as refrigerators and freezers should be wiped clean, defrosted and the doors left open to allow free flow of air.
  • Avoid using plastic papers
    Plastic papers will promote mold and mildew growth.
  • Seal boxes using packing tape to avoid dust
  • Place your boxes on pallets
    Avoid placing boxed directly on the floor by laying pallets on the floor. Doing this will help you prevent ants, silverfish and rats from setting base under your boxes. Ensure that you clean the storage area thoroughly before you store your items inside.
  • Furniture
    Arrange your furniture first. Items like tables, beds, and couches can act as a good stacking foundation since they weigh more than boxes. You can even dismantle then so that they can occupy less space and ensure that you store the bolts safely. If possible, stack furniture along the walls and leave space between the items so you can walk through freely.
  • Pack tightly
    Ensure that you store things tightly to prevent wear and tear, settling and dust. Keeping things compact will also help you make good use of your space.
  • Stack boxes according to fragility or weight
    A box of breakables such as china should not be used as foundation but a box of books can.

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