Thursday, 25 August 2016

Storage containers that suit your needs every time

Boylin’s self -store offers hassle-free storage solutions for both businesses and households at low costs. It is very easy to hire a storage container from us for any purpose (provided it's legal) because we have all the right size containers for you that will suit your requirements at an affordable price. Our incredible offers and services are also tailor-made to satisfy our customers. These amazing offers include among many others the first months rental at half price and getting 150 sq ft storage containers from only £16.99 p/w. All our storage units are wind and water tight, and all our locations are CCTV monitored at all times. Our self-store locations are in; Bradford, Rotherham, Barnsley, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and Swinton-Mexborough.
Our domestic and personal storage containers are safe and cost effective ways for storing large household items such as clothing, furniture, large appliances and patio furniture when emigrating, decorating or moving houses. All our self-storage facilities are at ground level so that customers can easily drive up to their storage facility to pick up or offload their items. Our esteemed customers benefit from state of the art barrier controls and CCTV.

Our business storage containers cater for business customers from various sectors; e-bay businesses requiring extra space, numerous offices needing to archive their paperwork and tradesmen who need a place to store their tools and equipment. Our business customers benefit from our business storage containers as they are easily accessible, there is guaranteed security, fast acquisition and flexibility (whether long or short term).There is also room for proper budgeting since you can start with a small container and upgrade to a larger one as your business expands.

Feel free to contact us on 01226 321800 for bookings or the best deals on quality and reliable storage containers or any enquiries. You can also request for details on any available special offers currently or get in touch with us through email on, or on our website

Thursday, 18 August 2016

If you have a growing business and need somewhere to store your stock, call Boylin's Self Store today!

Congratulations! Your business has been growing steadily over the last few months. Only one problem though – you are having a problem getting storage space for inventory. This is a common problem; many growing businesses grapple with stock storage because warehouses are so expensive. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that for you because there are affordable and safe business storage solutions that you can turn to. You can easily rent a container to keep your stock in and since they are quite affordable you will not lose much in the way of profits.

One of the best places that will meet your business storage requirements is Boylin’s Self Store. There are several reasons why so many business owners choose this particular storage facility:

•    The first is that it is very secure. There is 24 hour CCTV surveillance on all their storage locations so you can be sure that your stock will stay safe no matter what. In fact, there are additional safety measures such as key fobs to ensure that only the owners can access them.

•    You only rent the amount of space that you need. Boylin’s Self Store has containers of different sizes so you will not pay for more space than is necessary. Should your business continue to grow you can always move to a bigger container.

•    You can rent a container for as short as a week and as long as you like. Better yet, unlike other storage facilities where you have to wait for a container to be free you can get one at Boylin’s the same day that you request it. Each container is cleaned before it is rented out to the next client.

•    One major concern when it comes to storage facilities is damage from moisture. You will not have to worry about that at Boylin’s because they have invested in weatherproof containers. Regardless of the weather your inventory will remain in the same shape as when you store it.

•    You can access your container any time between 6 am and 6 pm. In case you are in need of assistance there is always an employee at hand to provide it.

Boylin’s Self Store can be found in several different locations – Barnsley, Wakefield, Rotherham, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Swinton – Mexborough. You can find out more on their website,  

Monday, 15 August 2016

I want to move house but don't know where to store my belongings in the meantime - look no further than Boylin's

Wakefield residents move into smaller homes all the time – children grow up and leave, incomes shrink, relationships end and so on. When it happens there is one thing that they have to deal with; what will they do with all the extra items that they cannot fit into their new home? Do they sell it? Do they donate it? Do they throw it out? All these options involve parting with items that one may not wish to give up. Fortunately, there is a way that you can move into a smaller home and still keep your beloved belongings – you can find personal storage solutions from Boylin’s Self Store.

More and more people are choosing to store their items in containers because it makes so much sense. For a reasonable fee you will keep your items safely for as long as you like. In Wakefield, Boylin’s Self Store stands out because of several reasons. The first is that they are able to store all manner of items – so long as what you want to store is legal they can keep it for you as long as you like. In fact, they even have containers that can store cars.

Boylin’s containers are great because they are more secure than most. They are watched through 24 hour CCTV and there are access barriers to make sure that only their owners can access them. You can be sure that whatever you store with them will not get into the wrong hands.

You will also be happy to know that unlike other storage solutions that stack containers Boylin’s Self Store has all their containers on the ground. This allows you to take items in and out without any hassle. In fact, there is enough room between containers to allow you to drive right up to yours.

The other thing you will like about Boylin’s is the fact that their containers are in different sizes. In many storage facilities in Wakefield containers come in the same size which forces clients to rent space that they don’t need. At Boylin’s you will rent only the amount of space that you need.

You can find out how you can book a container at Boylin’s Self Store by visiting their website.   

Friday, 12 August 2016

Collecting hobby items is a great pasttime, but what happens when you run out of space at home to store everything?

If you have a hobby that involves collecting items you know that space can be a problem; first you store them in the garage and then when it becomes too crowded you store them in the spare room and before long you find yourself storing items all over your home. What do you do when you don’t have space anymore? Give up your hobby? Fortunately it doesn’t have to come to that. You can find safe and reliable hobby storage at a site that’s right on your doorstep.

Storage containers are becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts of different hobbies because they are a perfect way to store items. That said, there are certain things that you should be looking for when hiring a container – if you hire from the wrong company you could end up having your collectables damaged.

•    You should be looking for containers that are safe. Ideally, they should have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and where possible they should have access barriers to ensure that only their owners have access.

•    Before you strike a deal with any collectables storage facility find out whether or not their containers are weather proof. Weatherproofing is important because it keeps your hobby items in good condition – if the containers allow moisture to get in all kinds of damage can happen.

•    You should be looking for collectablesstorage that is affordable. Looking around you will find that there are many storage companies that charge way more than they should, usually because they are used to catering to high end clientele.

•    The size of the containers that a storage facility offers matters. If all of them are the same size it forces clients to rent space that they don’t need. Find a storage company that has containers of different sizes so that you only rent as much space as you need.

•    How soon can you get a container after you ask for it? There are many companies that make clients wait several days because they haven’t invested in enough containers. You are better off finding one which will rent you a container the same day that you ask for it. They should also clean it before you can move your hobby items in.

Lastly, having containers on the ground is important – it makes it easy for you to move your items in and out.

So where can you find all of these key factors? Boylin’s Self Store of course! We have many sizes of storage containers in convenient locations across Yorkshire. Give us a call today or visit our website at to see how we can sort out a storage solution for you and your hobby.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

You pick how much storage you need and for how long, then let us do the rest

Are you looking for personal storage containers in Rotherham? One of the best places you can go to is Boylin’s Self Store. They have been offering storage for residents for years and you can be sure that whatever you want to store will be in good hands. There are several reasons this Rotherham storage facility is selected by so many. For one, their security is second to none. All their containers are monitored through 24 hour CCTV surveillance and each container has additional access barriers – in other words, your container can only be accessed either by yourself or someone that you have authorized.

Boylin’s is also chosen because their containers are weatherproof. Weatherproofing is important when it comes to container storage because oftentimes stored items are damaged because changes in weather lead to condensation forming in the container. This causes items to rust, buckle and warp. If you rent a container at Boylin’s you can be sure that none of these things will happen to your property.

You will like the fact that at Boylin’s you only rent as much room as you need. Other storage facilities in Rotherham have containers that are all the same size forcing people to rent room that they don’t really need. At Boylin’s you can start off renting a small container and if you need more space in the future you can move onto a bigger one. You will also be pleased to know that you get a container the same say that you ask for it.

The process of getting a container is simple. All it requires is that you figure out how much space you need. Start by packing your items into boxes – at least the ones that can fit. Once everything is in a box you can estimate what size of container you need. If you are still having difficulty just call Boylin’s – one of their employees will help you figure it out. Renting requires that you provide a form of ID, your address as well as a small deposit and the first week’s rent. You can rent for as short a time as a week or as long as you like. If you are not sure how long your property will be in storage you can pay for your container every week.

Find out more by visiting Boylin’s website,