Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Worried storage in Barnsley will cost a fortune? Worry no longer!

Storing your items well is important for the security of your things. When we lack enough storage, we are forced to rent space for storage. That may be short term or long term which is dependent on what you need. It might seem like renting storage space cost will cost a fortune. Well, worry no more as Barnsley has facilities that will cater for your specific needs as well as save you a lot of money. On average, the cost of renting storage space ranges from £11 to £112 a week. It is important to note that cost alone should not determine the choice of the storage facility to rent.
Barnsley storage has the best offers in the market from the cost to perfect containers in a well-secured environment for the outmost protection of your belongings. Boylins self store rates are as low as £17.99 a week for a storage container of 150 sq ft.  There is an amazing offer of half price rental for the first month.

The storage containers are accessible for use immediately the payment is done. The team of professionals will help you in calculating the space you need for your items in case you are unsure. The 20ft containers which can hold 33 cubic metres are popular in Barnsley and are readily available.
Boylin's provides you with space to put your personal items. Whether you are moving house, decorating or just need to de-clutter; the offer you an easy, cost-effective and safe- haven for your items. In addition to personal storage, they offer storage for business people to archive their paperwork, e-bay business needing extra space for inventory storage or even tradesmen needing somewhere to store their tools and equipment.
In addition to being cost effective, Boylin's offers the best storage facilities which have given the competitive advantage over their competitor.
Advantages of using Boylin’s self-store
•    The place is under CCTV surveillance. This ensures that your belongings are safe and secure from theft.
•    Accessibility to your storage container is easy as it is on the ground floor and you can just drive into off load or pick your items.
•    Space is clean and dry as all units are valeted before renting.
•    All containers are wind and water tight this prevents damage which can be caused by natural calamities like floods.
Boylin's has so much to offer, and they are willing to help you every step of the way.
Call them at 01226 321 800 to get the best deal on storage for your needs or visit our website

Monday, 27 June 2016

We’re local, affordable and secure; what more could you ask for from a storage company?!

When you are comparing Yorkshire storage companies there are certain qualities that you are looking for – you want to find one that is secure and that has done enough to make sure that clients’ items remain in the best shape possible while they are in storage. That is why you will not do better than Boylin’s Self Store. This is one of Yorkshire’s leading personal storage solutions and it is easy to see why people choose it over and over again. Here is what you will get if you take out personal storage solutions or business storage solutions at Boylin’s:

•    You get the best possible security. All containers in the facility are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and as a further deterrent each also has either access f fob keys.

•    Boylin’s understands that it is paramount that clients find their items in the same shape that they were stored. That is why all their containers are weather proof – it doesn’t matter whether it rains, snows or shines – everything that you store with them, even documents, will remain dry.

•    You never have to rent more space than you need at Boylin’s because they have containers in different sizes. For even more convenience clients can get space the same day that they ask for it. All containers are cleaned thoroughly before a new client takes then over.

•    One thing that clients really appreciate at this storage facility is the fact that containers are not stacked one on top of another. Everything is on ground level which makes it easy to store and remove items. In addition to that there is enough room between containers so that clients can drive right up to the door.

•    You can rent a container for as long as you like and for as short as a week.

•    Boylin’s Self Store is not just about personal storage. You can store all kinds of items there so long as they are legal. People use them to store inventory, business documents and even vehicles.

•    If you compare what Boylin’s charges with what you get from other storage facilities in the area you will find that you are paying a very fair price for the quality of service that you are getting.

You can book a container today through Boylin’s website,

Monday, 20 June 2016

FAQ's about storage facilities

What can I use storage facilities for?

Although most people assume that storage facilities are used for storing personal items such as excess household items, there is no reason that you cannot use storage facilities for your business. You can use them to store inventory, documents and whatever else is taking up space in your offices.

Should storage containers be stacked?

Most storage facilities stack containers because they don’t want to invest in space to ensure that everything is on ground level. Stacking containers presents two problems: the first is that it becomes difficult for clients to move items in or out of the container, the second and more serious problem is the risk that you could fall down and get seriously hurt as you store or remove items.

Are all storage facilities secure?

The best storage facilities are the ones that have 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as additional locks on the containers themselves – Boylin’s Self Store provides such security measures. Only the owner of the container and anyone they authorise can have access to the container

Do all storage containers come in the same size?

You may notice that most storage facilities have containers that are the same size. This is not great because it forces people to lease space that they really don’t need or can even mean that the space they are given isn’t big enough as time goes on. The best storage facilities are the ones that have containers of different sizes so that people can rent only as much room as they need – facilities like Boylin’s Self Store

How do I know how much space I need?

You will know the answer to this question by packing your items carefully in boxes and then estimating the amount of space they can occupy. Alternatively, there are online meters that can help you calculate based on the room that the contents have come out of. If this doesn’t work for you just come to one of our Yorkshire storage facilities and ask our employees to help you work out the size of container that you need.

Will my items get moisture damage when the weather changes?

You obviously don’t want any damage to your items due to the weather happen but it often does because facilities don’t invest in waterproof containers. If you want your items to remain in perfect condition then the best facilities to use are the ones that invest in weather proof containers such as Boylin’s Self Store.

Are there rental limits?

There are many storage facilities that force clients to take containers for a minimum of a month or 3 months. This obviously ties you down. If you look carefully however you will find that there are some that will only require a minimum of 1 week – we only require a minimum of 1 week’s rental at Boylin’s Self Store.

Think you’ve read enough? If you want friendly advice and accessible storage solutions, visit our website at for more information on how we can meet your storage needs.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Our storage containers have multiple uses; documents, hobby items, business inventory - you name it!

Most people who seek out Yorkshire storage companies are usually looking to store personal items. Sometimes they have exhausted space in the home and don’t want to throw away items; or it could be that they are moving away for a while and don’t want to pay rent for an apartment that they will not be living in. What many residents in the area don’t realise is that storage containers are for more than personal storage solutions. There is, in fact, no limit to what you can store in them so long as it is legal. Here are other ways that some other ways that you can use storage containers:

•    If you own a business and are running short on space there is no need to struggle to find a place to store documents. There are several storage facilities in the area that have containers that are designed to keep business documents safe – they are weather proof and very secure.

•    Small business people in the area that containers offer excellent business storage solutions. They use them to store inventory for things such as eBay businesses and others that require one to buy inventory in bulk which makes it impossible to store at home.

•    Tradesmen have tradionally have had to find space to keep their tools and supplies – they cannot keep them at home as they create clutter and they also cannot leave them in their vehicles as it can attract thieves. One great option that is available to them today is storage containers. Tools and supplies remain safe and they can be accessed any time the tradesman has a job.

•    Did you know that another use of storage containers in Yorkshire is to store vehicles? Yes; if you have a spare car that you don’t use or are travelling for a while and are looking for somewhere to store your car there is no reason why you cannot take it to a Yorkshire storage facility – it will be safe both from vandals and the elements.

One of the best storage facilities in Yorkshire is Boylin’s Self Store. It is very safe and it has containers of different sizes meaning that you only rent the space that you need. You can access your storage space between 6am and 6pm every day and there is always an employee around if you need help. You can find out more on their website,

Monday, 13 June 2016

For any and every item, we have the perfect sized storage container

Every once in a while you may find yourself needing somewhere to store your stuff for a specific period of time. At Boylin’s Self Store, we offer you with both personal storage solutions and business storage solutions.

If you are into business and need some extra place to store your extra stuff then we are there for you. We accept customers from different sectors ranging from offices that need a place to store their paperwork to e-bay businesses that need extra space and also have a place for tradesmen who need a place to store their tools.  You therefore are encouraged to book one of our containers for your storage purposes.

Getting a business storage container guarantees you a number of things.  First the containers are easily accessible as you can drive up to your container to offload with no difficulties. Another advantage is that the security is high as they are CCTV monitored and have key or fob access.  The budget is also flexible; you can start with a smaller container then advance to a larger one. The issues if flexibility and speed are also taken into account. The company allows both short term and long term contracts and will sign you up as soon as possible.

Personal storage is also available.  You may need to move houses, renovate, emigrate or just want to de-clutter your home.  At Boylin’s Selfstore, we offer you with personal storage solutions.  The domestic storage facilities are favorable for you to store household items that are large including clothing, furniture, large appliances and other seasonal equipment like patio furniture and lawn mowers. The security here is also high with the CCTV monitoring and you can easily access your container as they are constructed at a ground level.  Self-storage facilities are available in Barnsley, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield, and Wakefield.

Signing up for a storage facility with Boylin’s has a number of advantages;
·         You are guaranteed of same day access to your preferred storage facility
·         Storage solutions that are Hassle free
·         They accept leases on both Short and long term basis
·         The containers are easily accessible
·         The units are always clean and dry as they are valeted prior renting
·         High security levels

For effective personal and business storage solutions, Boylin’s Selfstore have the pleasure of offering you with this. The costs are budget friendly. For more information regarding their services visit

Monday, 6 June 2016

Worried storage in Rotherham will cost a fortune?...worry no longer!

There are various aspects to consider when looking for storage either for your business or personal belongings. The two major ones are either to buy a storage container or rent one. Many people worry that renting a space for storage will cost a fortune. This is not true as Boylin’s Self store offers secure storage for all budgets. It does not matter how small or big your luggage is, Boylin’s Self Store staff will help you in calculating the size of storage space you require and give you the cost. We have many self-storage sites including Rotherham, Bradford, Barnsley, Leeds, Sheffield, Swinton/Mexborough and Wakefield. 
We have the best solution for your storage needs whether you are looking for self-storage for your clutter or for your business. We pride ourselves on providing some of the most affordable storage prices in Yorkshire with prices from £22.5 for a 150sq ft container weekly. Our storage containers are wind and water tight and the security of your belongings is crucial, and this site ensures that nothing goes against that.
At our Rotherham storage site, provisions for business, domestic, household and personal storage are available. The team at this site is extremely helpful, and they will assist you in the calculation of mount of storage space you require and discuss costs that will fit into your budget. You will get a tour of the site when you visit to check whether it is good enough for you to store your items before making any decisions.
We have CCTV surveillance to monitor your belongings ensuring security and safety at all times. This self-storage site is ideal for storage of items in the short-term period, Documents Archive, Storage for business records, storage of inventory for eBay business and storage for household items like furniture when moving house or decorating.
Customer needs are given top priority, and this requires the staff to attend to all your needs and answer any concerns you might have. Having all the information you require before any transactions will put your mind at peace. Feel free to call 01709 760862 for any queries or for more information visit our website