Friday, 27 May 2016

I need somewhere to store my hobby items…look no further!

As a collector of hobby items you will often find that you do not have enough space to store them – you don’t want them to create clutter in the house and at the same time you don’t want to store them in your garage. One excellent solution when you find yourself in this situation is to hire storage containers. They are affordable and you can be sure that your hobby items will stay safe. Often recommended is Boylin’s Self Store, one of the best personal storage facilities in the area. You can trust us to store your items safely because:

•    We have one of the safest storage facilities in Yorkshire; all containers are watched by CCTV camera 24 hours a day and in addition to that they have key access or fobs.

•    One of the biggest problems with using storage containers is that they can let in moisture and ruin whatever is stored inside. If you hire Boylin’s you don’t have to worry about that because all our containers are weather proof – whether it snows, rains or shines your beloved hobby items will remain intact.

•    Boylin’s are well known for excellent customer service; if you don’t know the size of container to hire just talk to an employee.

•    Speaking of size, you will be happy to know that we have containers in different sizes allowing you to rent only the amount of space that you need. This is not something that you find in many storage facilities

•    You can rent a container for as long as you like or for as short as a week.

•    Our rental prices are unbeatable. You pay only £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and they have discount promotions from time to time. You will be happy to know that for the first month you pay only half the price.

•    If you want to store other items such as furniture, documents or even a car that you are not using we have containers that can accommodate them.

As you can see, there is no need to look for other storage solutions when Boylin’s Self Store will give you the best deal there is to be found. You can rent a container through our website, or by calling us on 01226 321800.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I need somewhere to store my tools that's easily accessible...look no further!

Whether you are a Yorkshire plumber, an electrician, gardener or even painter, you need somewhere safe to store your tools – storing them in your van overnight is a bad idea because it can attract vandals. In addition to that you don’t want them in your van all the time because they create too much clutter and they may also get damaged. That is why storage containers such as you will find at Boylin’s Self Store are such a good idea. There are several reasons why they are considered the best Yorkshire Storage Solutions:

•    They are one of the most secure storage solutions in Yorkshire; all containers are watched through CCTV and in addition to that each container either has fob or key access.

•    As a tradesman you will often find that your space needs change from time to time. Sometimes you will have more tools and supplies which means that you require a smaller storage space. Boylin’s understands this and that is why they have invested in containers of different sizes.

•    Their containers are all weather proof which means that everything you store there, regardless of how long, will be in good condition.

•    Unlike other storage facilities in Yorkshire, you will be happy to know that at Boylin’s you can get a storage container the same day you pay for it. In addition to that you can rent for as long as you like and for as short as one week.

•    Their rental prices are lower than those of other facilities in the area – you pay just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container. You also get to rent the first month at half price.

•    Their rental prices is a very straightforward one – just bring some form of ID, pay a deposit and the container is yours.

•    Every container is cleaned before it is handed over to a new owner.

•    Have you ever seen stacked containers? They can be a big hassle especially if you have to lug heavy tools and supplies in and out. Boylin’s are well aware of this which is why their containers are all on ground level.

•    If you need help there is always an employee on site.

Don’t risk your tools by choosing a storage facility that is not as good as Boylin’s Self Store. You can find out more on their website, or by calling them on 01226 321800.

Monday, 23 May 2016

I need somewhere to archive my business documents...look no further!

As the owner of a small or medium sized Yorkshire business you know how expensive space is so you want to make the most of it – it should be used by your employees and customers to maximize profits. The problem is that right now a lot of space is going to document storage. You are not alone; many businesses, not just in Yorkshire but across the UK, generate paper every day and are forced to store it in their offices. You don’t have to any more though; if you rent storage containers from Boylin’s Self Store you will have bought yourself one of the best storage solutions.

Boylin’s have developed a reputation as one of the top container storage facilities in the area for several reasons. Our top priority through the years has been to offer safe storage for all our clients. To that end we have installed CCTV cameras that monitor all containers 24 hours a day. What this means for you is that you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access of confidential documents. Only the people you authorize will be able to get in and out of your containers.

The other reason why businesses like yours are turning to Boylin’s Self Store is the fact that we offer weather proof containers. As much as it is important to keep documents safe from prying minds it is also very important they remain dry and in good condition. By using weather proof containers Boylin’s makes sure that all documents, regardless of how long they remain in storage remain dry.

One common problem among Yorkshire storage solutions is that they come stacked – the owner will stack one container on top if another in order to maximize on space in the lot. This becomes a problem for clients because getting items in and out of containers is a hassle. You don’t have to worry about this with Boylin’s – all our containers are on the ground and there is enough room between them for you to drive right up to yours.

As for price, Boylin’s is hard to beat when compared to other storage solutions in the area. We offer just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and for the first month of rental you get to pay only half. You can rent your unit for as long as you like or as short as 1 week. Find out more on our website,

Monday, 16 May 2016

Need somewhere to store your business stock?...Look no further!

Many Yorkshire residents are turning to small businesses to augment their income. The problem is that space is often limited; whereas you may have enough space for an office in the home you don’t have any room to keep your stock. If you are one of these people you should call Boylin’s elf Store. We have been offering Yorkshire storage solutions for years and you can be sure that whatever your line of business, your stock will stay safe.

One of the main reasons why people choose us is the fact that we are extremely secure. There are CCTV cameras trained on the containers 24 hours a day and to deter intruders even further, each container has either fob or key access. You (and anyone else that you authorise) will be the only ones who can access your stock.

Boylin’s has also taken great care to ensure that nothing that is stored with us gets moisture damage – when items are stored in containers just the smallest amount of condensation will eventually ruin them. To avoid this we only use weather-proof containers. You can be sure that whatever you store with us will not only be safe but it will also be intact.

Unlike in many other Yorkshire storage facilities where you have to wait for a container to become available, Boylin’s has plenty of them so that clients can get storage space the same day that they ask for it. Minimal rental period is 1 week and you can rent for as long as you like. Additionally, the company has invested in containers of different sizes to allow clients to only rent the amount of space that they need. If you are not sure how much room your stock will take up there is always an employee who can help you figure it out.

The best thing about Boylin’s Self Store is our price –we are one of the most affordable storage facilities in the area, and if you compare the quality of storage you get with how much you pay you will see that you are getting a great deal. You pay just £16.99 p/w for a 150 sq ft storage container and for the first month, you only pay half of that. Renting is easy; just show some ID and pay the deposit and you are good to go.

You can find out more on or you can call 01226 321800 to rent a container for your stock today.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How can I pack my storage container like a pro?

As someone who utilises storage solutions such as containers, you want to make the most use of the space. One of the ways that you can do this is to pack it properly. You have to pack a container in a certain way to save space and keep items safe. Here are some tips that will help you pack your storage unit efficiently and neatly.

•    Stack items. Storage units are usually about 8 feet tall and they can vary in length. One of the things that you can do to make the most of the space is to stack items, with the heavier ones at the bottom and the higher ones on top. That said, you should be very careful how you stack – you want everything to be stable. One way to make sure that everything is stable is to stuff the space between the boxes with paper.

•    You will need space to move around your items once they are in storage so remember to leave an isle all around them and depending on how big your storage unit is down the middle as well. You may think that this is not necessary because you won’t need anything from the unit. That may be true but leave an isle just in case.

•    To make it easier to find items when you need them, pack like items in the same box and make sure to label them. In the storage unit, you should arrange the boxes with the labels on the outside to make it easy to retrieve items.

•    Before you store your items in a unit make sure that it is clean – you don’t want to pack away your items in a dirty container. Also, find out whether or not it is weather-proof. If t isn’t your items may be destroyed as the weather changes.

•    If there are any items that should face up at all times remember to indicate it on the box using an upwards facing arrow.

•    Don’t just pack your items in a storage unit and walk away. Write down a list of what is in the boxes and keep it handy in case something disappears.

•    Cover your items with a plastic or canvas sheet just to be extra careful.

•    Visit your storage unit from time to time to see that everything is in good order.

These tips should help you make the best use of your storage container and keep your items safe. If you have any more questions or want to get in touch about the storage containers we can provide, give us a call or visit our website today

Monday, 9 May 2016

I don't know how long I'll need the storage container for; does that matter?

Often when Yorkshire residents hire a storage container they don’t know how long they will need it for. The problem, however, is that many Yorkshire storage companies don’t allow clients short-term rental; they have clauses that state that clients can hire containers for at least a month and some offer even longer minimum terms. This forces clients to sometimes pay for space that they don’t need with money that they would otherwise have saved.

Boylin’s Self Store, however, is different. We allow clients to lease on a week by week basis so that it doesn’t matter whether or not they know how long they will need the container for. This has turned out to be of great benefit to some of our regular clients such as tradesmen, who hire containers to store tools and supplies, as well as business people who want to store inventory. The fact that they can rent on a week by week basis means that they don’t have to pay large amounts of money for space that they may not need.

We also have containers of varying sizes. This also means that our customers never pay for space that they don’t need. By buying containers of different sizes we allow clients to pay only for the amount of room that they need to store their items.

Boylin’s is also very careful when it comes to security. We have installed CCTV cameras that are on 24 hours a day so that we can monitor movement on all containers. Each container has either fob or key access for added security. The containers are cleaned thoroughly before they are handed over to new clients.

Stacking containers is also a practice that makes it hard for clients to store and remove items. Boylin’s Self Store has realised this and to that end, we have all our containers at ground level. To make it even easier for clients, there is enough room to allow people to drive right up to their container to load/unload.

You can find out more about our fantastic service and many locations across Yorkshire on our website,