Monday, 20 July 2015

Introductory offer at Bradford is still on!

Self storage facilities provide myriad benefits, especially when you are moving into a smaller space. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a small apartment space that doesn’t have enough space to cater for your sports equipment, delicate items, or documents, you can use a self storage facility. Although you may sometimes be tempted to just head to any storage facility in your locality, you should remember that not all storage facilities are equal in terms of service delivery. You need to go for a reputed company that has been in the business for some time—if you are Bradford, one such facility is Boylin’s Self Storage.

Boylin’s Self Storage is reputed for household and business storage solutions. They are committed to helping their clients get storage solutions of their choice. Here is an overview of the benefits that you stand to get when you choose Boylin’s Self Storage:

Personal Storage

Boylin’s Self Storage have personal and domestic storage facilities that are ideal for storing household items such as large appliances, clothing, furniture, and seasonal items (for instance, patio furniture and lawn mower among others). Unlike other Bradford self storage facilities, all self storage containers at Boylin’s are at ground level, allowing clients to simply drive up their respective storage facility to easily offload or pick up their items. Besides, there no corridors, uneven ground or lifts to contend with. There are also state-of-the-art CCTV cameras and barrier control systems, not to mention the great prices—in fact, they have got an introductory offer of $18.99 per week for a 150 sq ft container.

Business Storage

Boylin’s clientele base span across a wide variety of sectors—from offices needing document storage, drop shipping business needing extra space, to tradesmen needing extra space to store their tools and equipment.  Their business self storage solutions are:

·         Flexible: there are both short term and long term rentals

·         Clean And Dry: all units are valeted before being leased

·         Secure: Have 24 hours CCTV surveillance with fob or key access

·         Easily accessible: Clients can drive up their containers to off load

·         Convenient: after viewing, you can be signed up and given immediate access.

These are just a few of the many benefits for securing your household or business items into Boylin’s Self Storage. For self storage container offers or extra information on how you can reserve your self storage units at Boylin’s Self Storage, contact their offices or website for a quote at

Friday, 17 July 2015

We Don't Have An Archive Room At Work: Where Can I Store Confidential Documents?

Archiving office documents can be very expensive – you are forced to use space that could be put to more productive use. If you want to free your archive room for employees or equipment, or you don’t have one already, one of the ways that you can store your documents is using self storage. These are storage facilities that allow you to keep documents with them for a fee. There are several business storage facilities across the UK but you have to know what you are looking for if you want to find your documents in the same condition as when you stored them.

•    The first is security. Business documents are often confidential and even one misplaced piece of paper could land you business in a lot of trouble. You want to find a storage facility that has 24 hour CCTV surveillance and that has installed additional security such as access barriers. They should be able to verify that only authorized employees are allowed to get into your container.

•    Documents are weather sensitive and if you don’t choose a container that is weather proof, everything may end up getting destroyed when it rains or snows. Find a facility that has air tight containers.

•    What is the size of the containers that they have? In beginning, you may need only a small container because you may not have too many documents but over time, as your business grows, you will need to store more documents. The best facilities are those that have containers of varying sizes.

•    Documents are heavy so you want a facility that allows you to drive right up to the doors of the containers. You also want to choose a facility that has all their containers on the ground – there are some that stack them and you have to use a ladder to get up there - it can be very tedious (and even dangerous) when you are storing or taking out documents.

•    Choose one which is affordable and where you can access your documents on all working days of the week.

One such facility is Boylin’s Self Store. They have storage solutions in Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Rotherham and Mexborough. Their storage facilities are safe, dry and best of all, they are the most affordable in the areas where they are located. You can find out more by calling 01226 321800 or visiting their website,

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I'm Downsizing My House but I Don't Want To Get Rid of My Possessions, What Can I Do?

It is not uncommon to hear of people moving into smaller houses in the UK – after all, rent is getting more and more expensive every day. One of the biggest problems that they face is what to do with their possessions - they won’t have enough room in the new house to store everything that they own. Without an alternative, they may be forced to sell or give away some of their belongings, something that many people don’t want to do. Fortunately, the rise of self storage in the UK has provided an affordable and convenient solution.

Self storage is where you rent a container where you can store items for as long as you like. You can store anything so long as it is legal. That said, it is important that you choose self storage carefully – not all facilities are as good as they insist they are. There are certain qualities that you are looking for:

•    The first is the safety of your possessions – you should be able to find them in the same condition as when you stored them. To make facilities safe, the best self storage companies use 24 hour CCTV surveillance and addition security such as access controls.

•    You want a facility where the containers are weather proof. This means that they are airtight so that rain and snow do not affect your belongings. You also want one where they clean the containers before they rent to you.

•    There are many self storage facilities that have containers that are all the same size. This forces clients to rent space that they may not need. You want one where there are containers of varying sizes so that you hire a container that fits your needs exactly.

•    The containers should ideally be on the ground and you should be able to drive right up to the door for easy placement and removal of items.

•    You want a facility that allows you access every day during the daytime hours.

•    You want affordable rates.

One of the best self storage companies in the Wakefield and Leeds areas is Boylin’s Self Store. They have a Wakefield storage facility as well as a Leeds storage facility that are second to none. You can find out more by calling them on 01226 321800 or visiting their website,

Monday, 6 July 2015

How to best utilise the space in your container

Self storage is a growing trend in Britain and you may be wondering just what people are using these facilities for. Well, it is time you found out because after all, it could be a storage solution that may come in handy for you. There are many self storage facilities across the countries and people are using them mainly for:

Personal storage solutions

This usually happens when people have to move into smaller living quarters or when they are travelling for a while and don’t want to pay rent while they are away. In other cases, people simply have more items than they can store in their home and are looking to make some room. Whatever the case, self storage containers are a great solution because items remain safe (from thieves and damage) until the owners can collect them. It is important to note that you can store all kinds of personal items.

eBay Business storage solutions

Many people are supplementing their incomes by starting EBay businesses. These usually require that one holds large amounts of inventory – you get better prices when you buy in bulk. Inventory can be a headache to store; you either have to rent a warehouse, which is very expensive, or you have to store at home which eats into your personal space. One of the best alternatives is to use self storage – it is convenient and affordable and your inventory remains safe while it is there.

Document storage solutions

Office space is getting more and more expensive and storing documents on the business premises is a waste of money. If you are looking for alternative document storage, there is no place better than self storage. If you choose a self storage facility that is 100% safe and that has weather-tight containers your documents will be safe (from prying eyes and damage) and you will be storing them for a fraction of the cost.

Tradesmen storage solutions

Tradesmen, such as electricians, plumbers and others, have to store their tools and supplies. Leaving them in the van overnight is not the best solution – it can attract thieves. Self storage is great for them because their tools and supplies remain safe and containers are affordable.

Whether you are looking for Leeds storage, Wakefield storage or Bradford storage, one of the best companies to turn to is Boylin’s Self Store. They have some of the best storage facilities in the areas where they are located. You can find out more by calling 01226 321800, or by visiting their website,