Monday, 1 September 2014

Ten Packing Pointers

1. Make lists – when your items have been in storage for some time it’s easy to forget what’s where. Make a list for each item/box, and keep a duplicate.

2. Pack similar items together – such as accounting records in one box, inventory in another. Label each box as you complete and seal it.

3. Spread the load – Don’t cram loads of stuff into one box – remember you still need to carry it. Consider splitting heavier items between several smaller boxes.

4. Look after fragile items – Don’t leave things to chance bubble wrap items such as mirrors and glass. Make sure the boxes are marked ‘Fragile’ – use specially marked tape if available.

5. Dry Out – whatever you do don’t pack damp or wet items. A mouldy tent does not make for a pleasant surprise in a few weeks.

6. Open doors – leave doors open on ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and dishwashers – and yes, drain and clean these items, too.

7. Don’t waste space – pack different sized suitcases inside each other or pack stuff in the cases.
8. Clean before storing – cushions, sofas, bedding and mattresses should all be cleaned before storing and protected with appropriate covers.

9. Accessing your stuff – it goes without saying that if you are going to need access to something don’t put it at the back of your container under a whole load of other items that you don’t need to get to.

10. Heaviest bottom – Pack heaviest items on the bottom of your piles.

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