Friday, 19 December 2014

Self Storage - Utilise the Space of Your Container

Having a self storage container is a must for many people. Some people choose to have them so that they can store their priceless family heirlooms, their favorite collections, or their family furniture. Others have them so that they can store their business files, furniture, or equipment. Whatever the reason, having self storage space is a common necessity and it’s smart to utilise the space properly to ensure everything is well packed and can fit.

Packing items properly can go a long way toward helping to organize the space of the container. One recommended method for things like family heirlooms or fragile items is to pack them with great care. Using things like newspaper or bubble wrap to carefully wrap fragile or expensive items can ensure that they won’t break during the storing process. Many people use these methods to pack fragile glass, tea sets, and other priceless items that are important to keep safe and in good condition.

Labeling boxes after packing them is a smart way to keep track items and to keep the self storage container organized efficiently. For example, using a black permanent marker or label printed out with what the contents are can be used to do this. Labeling a box with what types of items are in them can avoid any confusion or problems when the time comes to come back to the container and get your property. It also adds a type of organization that is essential in keeping the unit tidy and in a manner where locating items is simple.

Some choose to use large see-through boxes to pack their items. There are storage containers and boxes that are clear and allow owners to see everything inside. Purchasing them in the proper size is important. The proper size will be based on the size of the storage unit you have rented and on the size of the property. It’s necessary to find out what size container you will need to rent from the self-storage business. Many businesses have on-site managers that can help you figure out what size unit you will need for your items.

Once the size of your storage container has been decided, choosing the right size boxes and containers for your items should be easier. Many of them have their dimensions listed on the outside. You can test out your items in different sized boxes and containers to figure out which will work best. Packing everything carefully and tightly without sacrificing space is the best way to go to utilise your container.

Our Self Storage solutions benefit from a range of price plans to suit your needs depending on the amount of storage space you require. With storage available from just £16.99 per week for a 150 sq ft unit, contact Boylin's Self Store today for immediate access to a container

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Is the American Self Storage Boom coming to the UK?

It’s a fact that self storage is on the rise in the UK. This was a boom that started over in the U.S., and now it’s on its way overseas to the UK. Here are a few reasons why self-storage is a great approach for new business startups.

Business Startups and Self-Storage

You can store just about anything in a self-storage unit, and people are doing just that. But one use for self-storage units that many don’t think of is for business startups. For example, it’s likely that if you’re trying to sell thousands of shoes on the Internet and need some place to store them all, you’re basement isn’t going to cut it.

Not only is it often the case that you aren’t going to have the proper space for something like this, it’s also often true that it’s just not a good idea since it helps to keep your home life and business life separate.

While it’s true you could get a warehouse, these are often extremely expensive to rent out, and they also are often entirely unnecessary for small businesses. You can use self-storage units instead as a way to store and organize any inventory you might have from your business.

eBay Traders

eBay Traders often need a place to store all of the materials they sell. Your house may not have the security you want in order to store all of your stock and you probably don't want to turn your house into a target for thieves because they notice that you’ve been stocking up hundreds of boxes in your porch.

With Storage Space from just £16.99 per week for a 150 sq ft container, Boylin's Self Store offer a secure, affordable solution to storage. Call 01226 321 800 for more information and to gain instant access to a container today. We have easily accessible locations around Yorkshire:

Barnsley Self Storage
Bradford Self Storage
Leeds Self Storage
Rotherham Self Storage
Sheffield Self Storage
Swinton / Mexborough Self Storage
Wakefield Self Storage

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Choosing the right Self Storage Location

Choosing the right self storage location does not have to be hard. While there are countless storage facilities and depots across the UK, you simply need to find the one that meets your needs. There are several benefits of using these storage units as well. For business owners, these facilities are perfect for housing excess and surplus merchandise. With 24/7 camera surveillance, you never have to worry about break-ins or foreign intrusion. For personal owners, these units will easily facilitate all your old furniture, family heirlooms, wall units, and even discarded or unwanted items. They are also great for storing outdated items during residential moves.

Safety at its Finest

Boylin's Self Store are committed to the safety of your items. Our locations feature CCTV and camera monitoring. If you are looking for a UK self storage facility, rest assured your items and your personal security are always the highest priority for area lots.

Multiple Sizes of Units Available

Whether for commercial or personal reasons, self storage units will achieve your desired results. These units are available in multiple sizes, and designed to withstand the elements. As a cost-effective alternative while moving, these facilities will meet your needs within time and budget.

Convenient Price Plans

Our Self Storage solutions benefit from a range of price plans to suit your needs depending on the amount of storage space you require. With storage available from just £16.99 per week for a 150 sq ft unit, contact Boylin's Self Store today for immediate access to a container

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Document Archiving: Have You Considered Self-Storage?

We currently live in a digital age. Since most things are done using computers, the use of paper is on the decline and archiving electronic files is as easy as pressing a save button. However, there are numerous scenarios where you may have to archive actual paper documents. Files which predate the digital era are only available on paper. In some cases, you may even have to have physical copies of important documents to meet legal regulations.

Efficient archival of such documents is important because their loss could have serious ramifications. Self-storage provides a wide range of archival options and has numerous benefits as well. Here is a look at some of them:

Storage Costs

You may be thinking that self-storage is an expensive option. However, you are getting considerable return on investment in terms of office space. In London, office space could cost as much £100 per square foot, depending on your location. This, coupled with service charges and other costs, makes office space in the city extremely expensive. By choosing a self-storage facility for your filing needs, you will be able to use your costly office space for other more productive purposes. Our Self Storage Locations have dry storage space available from just £16.99 per week for a 150sq ft container.

Document Protection

Documents are safer in a place that is not frequented by people – which is not the situation in your office. Moreover, your office is also susceptible to water damage, fire and human errors. A self-storage facility is highly secure and not open to the elements. By choosing a location that offers guaranteed dry-storage, you can rest assured knowing that your important documents are protected from water damage.

Increased Productivity

Archiving documents can be a long and arduous process. Even if you have hired third-party to do the archival for you, your office space is still being used to store the documents and you are still lending your valuable time to the project. A better option would be to store the files at an off-site self-storage facility and providing the archiving company access to it. We are able to offer advice on the efficient storage of files within the self-storage unit, allowing you to save time, space and minimise disruptions.

At first glance, using a self-storage service for document archival may not seem like a great idea. But when you look at it closely, self-storage provides numerous benefits which may to too good to pass up.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Boylin's Self Storage in Swinton

Boylin's Self-storage units are truly cost-affordable and convenient. Whether for personal or commercial purposes, these units are designed to safely store all your items. This includes outdated furniture, along with family heirlooms and even electronics. With a number of styles and sizes available, customers always have access to their units 24/7. These efficient storage containers are also climate controlled, which is perfect for those scorching or freezing months. With round the clock security and camera surveillance, you never have to worry about break-ins or intrusion. With Boylin's self store in Swinton solutions, your needs will be met within time and budget.

Why Self-Storage?

While self-storage facilities have been around for years, they still continue to soar in popularity. In fact, they are the cost-efficient solution to expensive moving trailers or trucks. With self-storage, you can tap into low monthly rates and discounts. Your items will always be safe, and you never have to worry about lost or stolen issues. Whether moving within or out of the city, Boylin's self store will achieve all your desired results. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to access their rates and information. Your questions and concerns will also be answered in a timely and professional manner.

Benefits of Self-Storage

There are several benefits associated with using Boylin's provided self storage facilities. For one, you can save a lot of room in your home or business. Secondly, you can protect a number of items that hold sentimental value. This includes old family clocks, along with television sets and even computers. Lastly, storage units are designed to ensure your privacy. This means even the most discreet items will receive the utmost care and security across the board. If you are pressed for time, the Internet is a great place to search for local storage companies. Many of these venues offer both virtual and physical tours for your convenience. If you need to store surplus items, these units are simply the perfect option.

If you need self storage in the Swinton area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Run a small business from self storage containers in Wakefield?

Self-storage containers are no longer relegated just to housing items. In fact, more and more people are now conducting business from their storage units and facilities. Even with more money available in UK markets, times continue to be tough. This has prompted many individuals and families to launch potentially lucrative businesses from their self-storage containers. While some sell electronics, others market and promote vintage items to customers in Wakefield and surrounding areas. If you are looking to start a new commercial venture, your Boylin's self store based in Wakefield containers might be the key to success.

A Growing Trend

According to a recent BBC report, self-storage container businesses continue to soar in popularity. As it is, many of these units consist of vintage and outdated items. Surprisingly, there is a huge market for people that want to purchase or trade items from yesteryear. Whether it’s old vinyl albums, wall units, furniture sets, or even grandfather clocks, many people are tapping into a wealth of new opportunities with self-storage businesses. With the holidays right around the corner, the demand for cost-affordable items will be at an all time high. If you are financially strapped for cash and looking for a quick way to generate some income, selling your items is considered both profitable and lucrative.

The Cons

With Boylin's self store containers in Wakefield you are guaranteed protection around the clock. In fact, nearly all storage facilities have security guards and 24/7 camera surveillance. These units are also cost-efficient, and available in multiple sizes. In terms of cons, however, your items are not guaranteed to sell. Like flea markets, you have to be willing to haggle over prices with potential customers as well. There are some storage facilities that also close when business hours are over. This means any late night sales or trades are at your own risk. Still, the pros of owning such businesses clearly outweigh the cons as mentioned in the BBC report.

If you need self storage in the Wakefield area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Is self storage in Bradford expensive?

Self-storage facilities in Bradford are not expensive at all. In fact, for less than a hundred pounds a month, you can secure a safe and climate controlled unit with Boylin's self store in Bradford. These units are perfect for storing excess personal or business items. They are also protected 24/7 by security guards and camera surveillance. Whether you need more room due to moving or simply want to house some old items, Bradford self storage containers from Boylin's are the perfect option. Why spend money on portable pods and outdoor shacks that are not weather resistant? With Boylin's self store in Bradford storage units, you are guaranteed sturdy containers that will safely house and protect your items at all times.

Storage Options

With Boylin's Bradford based self storage options, you can truly save time and money. Over the years, we tend to gather and collect many items in our homes and business. This includes electronics, along with furniture and even mattresses. When purchasing new items, however, what do we do with the old ones? While some families in the UK donate these items to charities and other philanthropic organizations, others simply keep them in storage. With the latter, you can hold on to items that have sentimental value and meaning. This includes family heirlooms, along with old television sets and even crockery.

Storage Plans

If you are experiencing financial constraints, Boylin's Bradford self store offer a range of cost-affordable plans. They also feature storage containers and units in all different sizes. This includes small, medium, or large. Depending on your preferences, you can easily select from hundreds of available units. The best part is that you will always have access to your items day or night. Each unit is also equipped with motion detectors, which simply offer additional security for customers and patrons. Unit owners are also invited to attend monthly meetings at their respective lots. These meetings are usually hosted by storage facility managers, and a great way to network with fellow customers and neighbors.

If you need self storage in the Bradford area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to chose the best Self storage in Leeds

Boylin's self storage facilities offer a valuable service to the community in Leeds. Whether for storing personal or business items, these units are truly dependable and sturdy. They are also safeguarded by camera surveillance and security guards. With unlimited access and cost-affordable plans, self storage companies continue to soar in local popularity. With so many storage businesses available, however, how does one select the right company? According to industry experts, it comes down to five factors This includes convenience, along with price, security, size, and availability. As an industry leader in self-storage containers and units, Boylin’s self store in Leeds simply outshines the competition.

The Boylin Difference

Boylin’s self store has been around for years and continues to proudly service the community. Whether you reside in Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, or adjacent cities, you are guaranteed the best units at the best prices. In fact, new customers can take advantage of monthly discounts and special promotions. This includes self-storage units for less than a hundred pounds a month. Boylin’s also features units in multiple sizes for your convenience. From small and medium to large and extra large, your items are guaranteed to fit in these climate controlled and safe containers. With 24/7 security, your units are always protected day and night as well.

Convenience at its Finest

With Boylin's Wakefield self storage and Leeds self storage units, you are guaranteed true convenience across the board. This included access to your items day and night, along with ample space for all your family heirlooms and items. No matter what you’d like to store, Boylin’s will achieve all your desired results. Unlike other storage companies, Boylin’s treats all its customers like family. They also go that extra mile to ensure all your needs are met within time and budget. If you are frustrated with storage companies that add hidden costs and fees, simply bring your items to Boylin’s and experience the difference today!

If you need self storage in the Leeds area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Can I self store small items on a short or long term term basis in Barnsley?

If you need to store small items either for a small amount of time or for a long time, it helps to look at the different options you have in the vicinity of Barnsley. Here are a few things to consider for whether you should store items and where you should do it in the local area.

One of the first things you should consider is how quickly you can get access to the storage container after you fill out all the paper work. After all, one of the things you should consider when it comes to storing items is how quickly you need them. When you store small items you often are going to need them really quickly.

If you go with a place like Boylin’s Selfstore, for example, you can get access to your items on the same day as you stored them, just in case something comes up. Small items are often the kind that you’re going to need quickly, after all. It’s not often that you’re going to need instant access to something like a piano, but you may need access to smaller items.


Some storage facilities where you might consider storing your small items will require you to park far away from where the actual storage item is. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Wakefield self storage, Bradford self storage, or Leeds self storage, as soon as you get to the place where you need to store something, you’re going to want to drive right up to the storage container if you have a lot of small items.

Small items are often fragile after all, and the more you have to carry them in your arms to a specific location, the more this could be a problem of both safety and convenience.

Companies like Boylin’s and others will sometimes allow you to drive right next to the storage container so you can offload or take in all of the small items.

If you need self storage in the Barnsley area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Self storage tips and tricks!

Self storage is one of the most important skills that homeowners and business entrepreneurs need to possess. Knowing how to professionally store various items will significantly help to reduce clutter in your premises as well as paint a positive image to all who walk into your shop or house. Also, you can save money when relocating to a new house or office as service packages offered by moving companies depends on the amount of luggage to the moved.

Here is some Wakefield self storage tips and tricks that you can use to get organised today:

Get Quality Storage Boxes

There are a number of manufacturing companies that manufacture quality storage boxes. Contact them to inquire if they have boxes that can comfortably hold all your belongings for a specific period of time. If possible, buy boxes that are of similar sizes so as to easily stack them securely in a self-storage facility to save on space. You should try and put all items in the boxes to protect them from dust and other external factors that can damage them.

Label All Boxes

It is almost impossible to know what is stored in a particular box if it’s not labeled. Hence, it is recommendable to use stickers or special labels to mark each box depending on its contents. As you do so, create an inventory with clear details about the boxes for easier identification at a later date.Also, label them more than one side for easier identification.

Storing Heavy Items

Avoid filling large storage boxes with heavy items as it will be impossible to carry them from your house to storage facility. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to just pack a few of them in one box then fill them up with lighter items. This will also prevent tearing as the boxes are made from materials which can only withstand a given amount of weight.

Avoid Sealed Plastic Bags

It is not difficult to see people using plastic bags when moving to a new house. Unknown to them is that the plastic materials can lead to accumulation of moisture and trigger growth of molds and mildew.

Packing Books and Large Appliances

To protect their spines, it is much wiser to pack books flat in the boxes. Large appliances such as fridges and freezers should be defrosted before being stored.

Self storage tricks can indeed help you get organized by storing items that you seasonally use safely.

Handle the boxes carefully and ensure that the roof in designated room is in good condition to prevent water damage.

If you need self storage in the Wakefield area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Relocation abroad, what to store and where in Bradford?

If you are moving in Bradford in England, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example, going for Bradford self-storage over shipping is a good idea and here’s why.

Cheaper Than Shipping

Obviously this is going to depend on exactly how long you are planning to move for, but if it’s going to be temporary at all, then using a self-storage location is a great idea. This is also a great idea if you aren’t moving that far from Bradford. Shipping objects from Bradford to your new place can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re going any real distance.

The cost per weight of objects is often enormous. If you start imagining exactly how much all of your personal objects weigh, you’ll start to get an idea of how much it would cost you to just send everything through the mail to your new location.

With a self storage unit you can store absolutely all personal objects no matter how heavy they are. You pay by the amount of space they take up, and not their weight. So a cardboard box that’s fully pulled out would cost the same to store as a refrigerator of the same size. This definitely isn’t the case when you’re talking about sending those items abroad.

Personal items like a piano or a dresser that have a lot of sentimental value can cost an enormous amount to move.

If you’ll be coming back, or if you aren’t sure you’ll be staying in your new location permanently yet, it just doesn’t make any sense to spend that kind of money moving it. It also doesn’t make sense in terms of endangering the object by shipping it. 

Extra Self Storage Features

Another thing that’s important to consider is the fact that it’s harder to ensure the security of shipped items. They could be stolen in transit to their abroad location and you might not be able to do too much about it. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the objects will be safe even when they get there. Self storage units often have around the clock security and cameras to make sure that the objects you store always remain safe. After all, there are places outside of Bradford that can be dangerous, but storing your important objects in a self-storage unit will ensure that they stay safe no matter what.  It’s also important to go with a place that has 24 hour CCTV with remote monitoring as a minimum.

If you need self storage in the Bradford area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on

Monday, 6 October 2014

How can self storage benefit me?

There are thousands of professional Wakefield self storage facilities whose main goal and objective is to successfully help businesses and individual clients to store various belongings for a specified period of time in their premises.

Technological advancement has enabled them to create new era storage units that are secured by expert security personnel and modern security systems at all times. Here is a brief outlook at home clients benefit from these storage services.


Gone are the days when businesses had to allocate some funds to build a store for keeping all items that they no longer use. Self storage allows business owners to securely store all important items away from their offices or business premises.

This in turn saves them space for placing other equipments such as cabinets and office desks. It is also important to note that clients can access the stored goods when need arise.

Get More Organized

Businesses need to be well organized in order to protect their reputation and credibility in the market. This is based on fact that clients prefer doing business with companies which have well organized offices and warehouses.

If your office is congested with unnecessary items, you may not be in a position to compete effectively with other companies offering same services. Hence, self storage will help you organize your business premises better and attract more clients.

Saves Money

To reduce operating costs, companies need to come up with ways of reducing their expenditure. Warehouse rentals are usually very expensive, especially for newly established companies on a tight budget. Also, building one is extremely expensive due to the high prices of building materials and installing the necessary security systems. Fortunately, self storage companies offer all these privileges at an affordable price. All you have to do is visit the facility and give details of the kind of storage space that you need. The officials will then highlight for you the various options available and help you make an informed decision. This will in the long run save you money for other activities such as introducing new products or purchasing machinery and equipments for your company.

Finally, self storage services provide boxes and other essentials that you need to pack all your items. The premises are well maintained hence you can rest assured that your goods are safe from dust, rain and other external factors that cause damage. Be sure to choose a company that is accredited to get value for your money.

If you need self storage in the Wakefield area please get in touch we are sure we can help you or simply visit us on

Friday, 3 October 2014

Self storage FAQ

Self Storage FAQ

Are you looking for a Leeds self storage services? If yes, you may be looking to find out how self storage works.

Although different companies may offer different packages, there are some basic themes are common to all self storage facilities in the area.

This article is about some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to self storage.

Why use self storage in the first place?

Most people who are looking for self storage are looking for a space where they can safely store their things for a temporary period. This could be because they are moving house, renovating, relocating abroad or to a different area for some time, traveling or it could be as simple as they no longer have enough room at home or in their business.

How do I find a suitable self storage company?

Many people are concerned about this mainly because they want their property to be in safe hands. You should choose a self storage facility with security arrangements to your satisfaction. We recommend only using self storage companies with 24 hour monitored CCTV. You also want a service that is near you so that transporting your items is not a big deal.

What is the storage duration?

Most Leeds self storage services allow people to keep their items for the short term and sometimes for long term.

How do I know that my property will be safe?

Good self storage facilities are members of the Self Storage Association of the UK. Look for a sign of the logo both on the premises and on their websites. If you find a service that you think you can work with make sure to read their terms and conditions before signing up with it.

How much should I pay?

The amount that you pay depends on the size of the unit you choose and also how long you will be storing for. It is a competitive business so make sure to compare different companies before you make up your mind.

Are there things that I cannot store?

Yes, there are things that are illegal according to UK law. You cannot store firearms for example. You also cannot store drugs and any harmful weapons. In a nutshell, anything that is illegal under British law should not be kept in a storage unit.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What Can I Use Self Storage For?

People and businesses use self-storage for a variety of short and long term needs. It may be to help with de-cluttering a home in order to sell or to house your business stock on a longer term basis. Here are a few ways our customers use self-storage.

Home Solutions:

De-cluttering – Estate Agents recommend that houses sell faster if they are
depersonalised and don’t contain a whole load of your own stuff.

In between homes – Some customers find that there house sells quickly, they move into
a smaller rental property but need storage for the rest of their items until they buy a bigger

Heirlooms – Customer who downsized can find themselves without space to store their
family heirlooms, safely and securely. These are items that they want to keep but don’t have
room for at home.

Seasonal storage – Winter items such as skis, winter boots, and festive decorations can take
up a lot of storage space. Equally you can swop this for your summer stuff if necessary -
BBQ’s, collapsible swimming pools, hiking kit, water sports and garden play equipment.

Moving Abroad – perhaps you are renting out your home and moving abroad but aren’t
quite ready to sell your stuff or ship it yet.

Students – can store their items from student halls or houses without annoying mum and
dad. Students often club together to rent a container.

Business Solutions:

Home businesses – Some of our business customers are homeworkers but don’t want to
store all their records, accounts, promotional items or stock at home. Instead they use us to
free up more space at home.

Office based businesses – real estate is valuable and customers don’t want to waste it
with storing paperwork. Therefore offices often use our storage facilities for archiving their

Tradespeople – whether you are a market trader, plumber, builder or electrician it’s often
useful to have a storage facility you can use to securely store tools, stock and/or equipment.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Ten Packing Pointers

1. Make lists – when your items have been in storage for some time it’s easy to forget what’s where. Make a list for each item/box, and keep a duplicate.

2. Pack similar items together – such as accounting records in one box, inventory in another. Label each box as you complete and seal it.

3. Spread the load – Don’t cram loads of stuff into one box – remember you still need to carry it. Consider splitting heavier items between several smaller boxes.

4. Look after fragile items – Don’t leave things to chance bubble wrap items such as mirrors and glass. Make sure the boxes are marked ‘Fragile’ – use specially marked tape if available.

5. Dry Out – whatever you do don’t pack damp or wet items. A mouldy tent does not make for a pleasant surprise in a few weeks.

6. Open doors – leave doors open on ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and dishwashers – and yes, drain and clean these items, too.

7. Don’t waste space – pack different sized suitcases inside each other or pack stuff in the cases.
8. Clean before storing – cushions, sofas, bedding and mattresses should all be cleaned before storing and protected with appropriate covers.

9. Accessing your stuff – it goes without saying that if you are going to need access to something don’t put it at the back of your container under a whole load of other items that you don’t need to get to.

10. Heaviest bottom – Pack heaviest items on the bottom of your piles.