Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why you should consider Archiving Self Storage in Rotherham by Boylin's.

Archiving self storage solution by Boylin's Rotherham - Lady filling paperwork in office

Boylin's Rotherham Self Storage Archiving is the perfect solutions for your archive storage. From personal to business documentation, our water proof self store rental shipping containers are large enough to safely store file cabinets and boxes.

We also feature easy loading docks - so you have access to your archived documents at anytime.

From old business financial statements to company expenditures - there is no reason to clutter your homes and businesses with outdated documentation. Instead, try our self storage services in Rotherham at very affordable rental prices. This helps de-clutter your business, while ensuring your archives are always safe and accessible at Boylin's Rotherham self storage facility

Archiving Self Storage Solutions in Rotherham

Archive self storage does not have to be a tumultuous process. In fact, Boylin's Self Store Rotherham location offers safe self store rental units for all your personal and business information.

This can truly free up space at home or work and you can even store office - personal furniture, accessories and items.

reduce stressIf you own a business, you know how important access to essential documents is for your work flow processes. This includes office records, along with personnel files and legal documents. You must also keep these items well organized and indexed for easy access and retrieval. The problem is storing them at the office or home, which can take up crucial room and prevent ample leg and storage room for more critical assets used daily.

The Boylin's Rotherham Self Store Solution

Boylin's Rotherham based self storage is a great solution for archiving and document storage.

In fact, here are some of the advantages of renting our self store rental units to store your business or personal files and folders:

Save Crucial Space

One of the most common issues we see is space allocation for new and existing customers. No truer is this than when it comes to vital business documentation. With this in mind, here are some ways we can help you with your growing and expanding business archives and documents or assets:
  • Cost-effective self store rental units for all your archived business papers. We can help you free up essential space in your office and home. This allows you to concentrate on more important things, while never having to worry about space problems again.
  • Our Rotherham store has CCTV and vital security for all self store rental units. This includes gated access, along with on-site staff to help you with all your storage needs.
  • As your business grows, your data and documents will outgrow your office space. Why settle for filing cabinets when you can bring all your items to us? We safeguard all self store rental units, and treat every customer like a family member and friend.
safety first sign

Safety is Important

At Boylin's, we take safety very seriously. From our Rotherham store to other locations, we are committed to protecting your most sensitive information, data, assets and documents or archive.

This gives you the peace of mind you deserve without stressing about loss, theft or damage. As always, we NEVER allow unauthorized personnel on our premises, and always get verification from you when you are away. Similarly, these are your self store rental units - but we provide top-notch security and camera surveillance all day and night.  Again, this helps ensure maximum security for archived documentation, and only YOU or designated parties will have access and entry to your business self store rental units.

Convenience at its Best

save moneyBoylin's Self-Store in Rotherham is truly convenient for those needing archival storage.

In fact, our self store rental units can easily house large filing cabinets, as well as boxes and even office drawer chests. We can even help you with boxes, as well as tape and other essentials at our on-site store. This can help you stay organised - making it easier to go about your normal work activities and errands.

For more information on archive document self storage from Boylin's in Rotherham, simply contact us or visit:
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Monday, 9 April 2018

How spreading your Business Assets for Loss Prevention can be achieved with Self Storage in Sheffield

Loss Prevention with self storage from Boylin's: thief breaking into building

Safety and Loss Prevention
Through Additional Self Storage Space and Measures
in Sheffield.

Many business owners today are aware of the fact that it's really risky to operate from a single location. They know that if that location burned down, they could lose everything, even if they would  have enough insurance. This often also means they might not be able to start over again.

However, not all businesses are able to expand and become chains. You might only have the one building. Some people try to get around this problem by operating entirely online. However, many businesses don't work with information technology.

The modern businesses that do sell digital products try to make sure that everything gets backed up, which is why many of these businesses can withstand a wide range of different disasters.

However, even businesses that have physical products can prepare for major problems in a way that actually uses similar principles and strategies.

"Digital businesses do not store all of their data in a single location."

You don't have to keep all of the goods that you sell in a single location, either.

While your business location might still matter a lot, if something happened to that building, you won't have to lose all of the goods that you sell at the same time.

national loss statistics pie chart
Working with self storage in Sheffield from Boylin's could help you ward off a really wide range of terrible problems that other businesses regard as inevitable.

You can keep some of your products at your central store and many others at many other locations.

However, it's a good idea to keep most of your products in self storage units. These units will have their own security, since the owners these businesses will certainly care about maintaining, securing and safeguarding everything that people are trying to store in their facility.

This means that small business owners will be able to benefit from the high security standards of other larger businesses. They will no longer be forced to improve or modify their own security technology in order to guard all of the their items or stock they are trying to sell.

More, all the bad people usually won't be able to steal from them as easily. This is just one of the advantages or pros when businesses start to use self storage units in Sheffield. Even if a self storage location does get robbed, if most of the goods associated with the business are being kept in many similar and safe locations elsewhere, the robbery still will not be as terrible as it would have been otherwise. Therefore, considerably reducing this risk for all businesses using self storage services in Sheffield.

The self storage solution for loss prevention from Boylin's can allow small businesses to get many of the same benefits that larger businesses will often enjoy, but they will not need to expand in the process to achieve similar levels of risk.

Obviously, modern businesses can protect all of their data and their important papers using the exact same strategies.

It's never a good idea to keep everything that's really valuable in one place. Because that means that it will be that much easier for criminals to find it all. Boylin's can give companies what they need when it comes to holding onto everything that they have and more.

time to plan Criminals goal in life is to: ' Not Work', well in most cases it is. They tend to prefer businesses that make for easy targets. Businesses that do not secure their data, stock or papers will be very quick and easy to rob.

When all of a business's goods are at the central store and they're not distributed across several different storage areas or spaces, criminals can get what they want very rapidly.

Most criminals would never try to track down all of a business's self storage units in order to take all that they have, and it's unlikely that this will even be possible for them in practice.

Our Boylin's self storage solution for loss prevention can make all the difference in the world for a wide range of companies, traders and families.

If you want to make sure that you can defend your business using this simple but effective strategy, we're available by phone on 0114 2617984.

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Seasonal Storage Optimised by Self Storage from Boylin's in Rotherham

4 season in one picture

As an industry leader in self storage in Rotherham.

Boylin's often hear the question, "what is seasonal Self Storage?"

Seasonal storage is a type of storage that can be short or long term.

However, this storage is not just for the autumn and winter seasons - and in fact - can be year round.

If you own a business, seasonal storage can surely be linked to the weather.

For example: your business may thrive during the summer months so you need extra storage to store winter equipment.

Similarly, you can store summer items if your business depends on winter sports, gear and attire.

With this in mind, here are some essential tips to optimise your seasonal self-storage in Rotherham:
  • Boylin's Self-Store in Rotherham has many locations and is open year round for seasonal storage needs.
  • You can rent a self storage unit in Rotherham for business conference, exhibition and even fashion seasons. All units are climate-water proof and secured so they will keep your inventory safe and ready to pick up when needed.
  • Seasonal self storage units in Rotherham give you optimal flexibility and convenience. This means no more storing items in garages, crawlspaces or even in business back rooms.
  • Boylin's self store space is large enough for exhibition stands, furniture, and even leisure equipment. You truly get peace of mind and can reduce home and office clutter across the board.
man with lots of clotharound him in many different colours

Seasonal Clothing Self Storage

Seasonal self storage in Rotherham is also the perfect solution for overcrowded wardrobe closets.

In fact, as the seasons change - you can separate your winter - spring - summer - fall clothing as needed.

You can also place any unwanted clothes in bags for local charities to pick up.

Once you sort out your clothing, simply bring the items to any of our Boylin's locations.

Again, our units are large enough to house all clothing and keep them safe and moisture-free.

Here are a few tips on how best to maximize unit space:
  • At this time of the year, it is best to keep your winter clothing towards the front.
  • You can place your summer clothing in Tupperware, boxes, portable closets or even in boxes on the sides or back.
  • Label your boxes and keep a check list of your clothing so you know where everything is - slacks, shirts, sweaters, footwear, jackets, blouses, sweatshirts, etc.
Boylin's self-storage unit rentals are available at reasonable prices.

We also offer site tours where you can inspect all available units at your leisure.

Remember, the key to seasonal self storage is to eliminate clutter in your homes and offices.

With this in mind, you are free to rent multiple units if needed to handle your seasonal self storage needs.

For more information, simply contact us today or visit us at:

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Self Storage Tips for all Car Boot Sellers in Bradford.

car boot sales market

Car boot sales and fairs continue to soar in popularity across the UK. This brings with it an ever increasing need for car boot sellers to increase their self storage capabilities.

Boylin's offers excellent car boot sellers storage in Bradford.


These markets are geared towards individuals who come together to sell household and garden goods.

If you participate in these car boots sale events, you know how essential space is to self store your purchased or traded items.

With this in mind, it's best to rent a Boylin's self-storage unit in Bradford - rather than cluttering up your home or business.

Why Opt for Boylin's Self Storage in Bradford?

When it comes to car boot sales storage tips, nothing works better than Boylin's self storage in Bradford.

In fact, our rental spaces will keep all your car boot items in great condition - and ready for weekly or weekend trading in Bradford.

With so many car boot fairs happening across the UK, chances are your stalls may not be able to facilitate all items.

Similarly, what do you do with the items you have purchased?

Even with lock-up units in your garage, you are sure to struggle with enough space to safely house your new hauls and items.

The best solution is to store these items at our location in Boylin's self store in Bradford.

This way, you never have to worry about cluttering your garages, crawlspaces and rooms.

Whether for large or small items, car boot sale items need to be kept in areas that are not damp or moist. Our units protect your products from risk of water damage, and ensure they stay moisture-free.

Save Time and Money

Boylin's self storage in Bradford also offers that added security for your items.

Remember, most car boot sales is based on goods that are in their best possible condition.

lady putting coin in piggy bank
Therefore, the last thing you need is to miss out on a deal or trade because the item(s) have eroded due to the elements. Furthermore, you have ample room to store items you will be selling at these fairs - while storing seasonal household or garden goods as well.

From lawn mowers and rakes to previously-owned furniture, your unit is large enough to safely keep items of all sizes.

Antiques and Collectibles

antiquesCar boots also showcase a range of antiques and collectibles.

This includes old clocks, along with vintage furniture and even vehicles.

Why trust your purchases to home garages, which can take up a lot of room and even be in jeopardy of being stolen? Boylin's self storage in Bradford has a proven track record of safety and high customer satisfaction across all sites in the UK.

From useful unwanted items to clothing, you can pick up most anything at weekend's car boot sale.

These events are also attended by entrepreneurs who want to promote new products and services.

With this in mind, let us be your ultimate storage solution with cost-affordable units and guaranteed services. For more information, simply contact us today or visit us on the web here:


Friday, 16 March 2018

Top 5 Advantages of Self Storage for Businesses in Wakefield.

picture with text entrepeneur
Nowadays, business owners prefer to use self storage units in Wakefield rather than rent an office or a commercial premise; and with good reasons.

Here are some of the key benefits in relation to cost savings.

man trying to get money out of savings piggy 1.    No need to Pay for Services

Businesses need to pay for certain services in order to ensure things are running smoothly.

Some of the services that every business will require at some point are gardening and cleaning.

These are crucial services that can cause the business to perform poorly if they are not used because customers prefer to buy from a clean and attractive business.

When you use a self storage in Wakefield, you will not need to seek such services which will save you a few Pounds that you can use to do something else such as buy more stock.

2.    It is more Versatile

The majority of self storage service companies will not allow you to make major decisions about the space you are using during your rental period. When you are using Boylin's self storage in Wakefield, you are free to alter the space whenever you want to according to your needs.

road sign saying saving 3.    No Paying Fuel or Gas Bills


Running a business comes with certain expenses such as electricity and heating bills.

When you rent a self storage shipping container in Wakefield, you will not have to meet such costs because all your stock and other items will be stored in the rented self storage and the price for your storage usually includes electricity costs.

Therefore, you will be able to reduce your budget even more efficiently.

4.    Safety


When you own a brick and mortar business it goes without saying that you must invest in security features that will protect your business from thieves which can be quite costly.

Despite spending a lot of cash in securing your business, there is still the danger of its security being compromised.

Self storage facilities usually provide round the clock security which will take a big weight off your shoulders.

5.    No business taxes

keyboard with key saying save money
With a self storage unit, you will not have to deal with paying business rates as is the case with business premises or offices.

You will also not have to sign complicated agreements for non-negotiable terms.

This will mean more money to use for other areas of the business such as marketing.

For all these reason Boylin's would like to extend the invitation to check out our self storage services in Wakefield. You can find all the information you need here:

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Relocating your Business or Home always goes Hand in Hand with Self Storage in Sheffield.

calendar with moving day highlighted
All the plans for relocating your home or relocating your business are in place - you have found the perfect new location, transport is organised and you have all the help you need to make sure that everything goes right.

Unfortunately, moving to a new home or business, whether in Sheffield or anywhere else, hardly ever goes without a hitch.

Many times the smallest inconveniences can change what would otherwise have been a smooth move into a highly stressful one.

That is why it is important to have contingency measures in place, and one of them is to work with a self storage facility in Sheffield .
location location location text
What would I need a self storage facility for, you may be wondering?

There are many reasons.

The first is that moving everything that is in your old home or business into your new one is not very smart.

Relocating your home or relocating your business gives you an excellent opportunity to introduce order into your new location.

This will not happen if you move all your items in at once.

When you hire some self storage space in Sheffield you can keep your items there and slow down your move, giving you time to ensure that every room is organised to your satisfaction.

Moving home or business is an excellent time to get rid of clutter.

This is not as easy as it sounds. You may not want to part with a lot of the items that may be considered clutter.

time to planOne way to hang on to them is to hire a container in a self storage facility in Sheffield and keep them there until you make up your mind as to what to do with them.

With rent hikes in Sheffield and all around the UK many people are finding that they have to give up their sizeable homes for smaller ones.

 If you were living in a 3 or 4 bedroom home, for example, and you have to move into one that has only a couple of bedrooms you have to find somewhere to keep everything that cannot fit.

A self storage container is the perfect solution. You can rent one for as long as you need to - they come at very reasonable rates and you can hang on to your property until you are able to move into a bigger home.

People who are selling their homes also find self storage containers in Sheffield helpful and  quite handy.

boylin's self store van
If the sale goes through before they can finalise arrangements in their new home they will need temporary shelter for their items until their new home is ready.

There is no better self storage in Sheffield then Boylin's whom are always ready to help you with your move.

Contact them through  their website here: https://www.boylinsselfstore.co.uk/locations/sheffield.htm for more information.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Where to store your Life when moving out of 'Mum's' house in Leeds.

mother packing thing in garage
Unlike many young people of your age you have decided that it is time that you moved out of your mother's house in Leeds and into your own place.

Unfortunately, with the big rent hikes in the city and all around the country it is impossible for you to find a place big enough to hold all your possessions.

This is a common excuse that is given by young people all the time - since they cannot move out with all their things they figure that they would rather live with their parents until they can afford to rent a proper flat.

Fortunately for you Boylin's have a solution - if you choose Boylin's self storage in Leeds you can move into a small flat and when you move up the ladder and can afford to rent a bigger place you can move all your things in.

Boylin's Self Stores in Leeds, is one of the best rental shipping container facility in the area. We don't just work with young people who are looking to leave the nest.

student dreaming of holidays and foreign destinations
Many of our customers are university students who are on holiday and are looking to keep their property safely until they return. Others have taken a gap year, and because they don't want to pay for apartment space that they will not use, they store their property with us for the duration they are away.

One of the best things about Boylin's Self Stores is that we charge very affordable prices.

We understand that reason why many people choose containers in the first place is because they cannot afford big monthly expenditures of any kind.

Whatever size of container you choose you will find that we charge prices that you can afford.

happy make student with backpack
We understand that a key concern of people who use storage containers is the safety of their items.

Boylin's Leeds takes extra care to assure you that everything you store with us will be safe for the duration.

Each of our self store shipping containers is top notch and only you can access your rentals, and all are weather proof so you don't have to worry about moisture damage.

Since all containers in our Boylin's Leeds facility are on ground level you will find it easy to store and retrieve your items - in fact, you can drive your van right up to your container.

In case you are not sure about the size of containers that you will need there is an employee at the facility at all times to guide you through your storage space and our services.

We advise you to ensure that your items are packed safely.

All breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper.

Big items such as furniture should be covered with a sheet to keep dust away. You should label all boxes so that finding items will be easy later.

You can find out how to rent self storage in Leeds on our website here:

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