Monday, 15 January 2018

How to Prepare your Clothes for Long Term Storage in Leeds?

Preparing clothes for long-term storage in Leeds does not have to be hard.

In fact, Boylin's self store Leeds makes it easy to house seasonal clothing year round.

With the winter in full swing, we recommend storing spring and summer wear to reduce closet clutter.

Our self storage shipping containers are also large enough to safely keep and protect entire wardrobes if needed.

However, you may want to temporarily store attire that you will need in a few months.

With this in mind, our team in our self store in Leeds is always on hand to help you maximize unit space - and even keep track of your short and long-term clothing boxes and inventory.

Leeds Self Storage for Clothes - Things to Consider

When self storing at Boylin's in Leeds, we want to make sure your clothing storage is easy and hassle-free.

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare your clothes for seasonal storage:
  •  Place heavy sweaters and coats in boxes or large Tupperware units for easy loading and access - try to keep these items in the front of the self storage unit.
  • Place clothing you no longer need in boxes and store on the sides or back of the unit - this will leave you with enough room should you change your mind.
  • You can easily hang shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks and even jackets on portable hanger rods - this is a great way to access your seasonal wardrobe as desired.
  • There is ample space per unit to add hope chests and/or portable closets - this ensures moisture-free clothing that is neat and ready to go.
More Tips on Clothing Storage

Like most people, you have probably spent a fortune buying top-brand name clothes and accessories.

However, do you really need all this attire in your closets at one time?

If you are struggling with space issues, Boylin's Self Store in Leeds is a great way to keep your clothes safe and sound.

The same applies for shoes - and in fact - our units can easily hold all your shoes racks and mounts.

Again, this will free up essential space in your home, and you never have to worry about storing these items in cold basements or overfilled crawlspaces.

We also suggest you create an inventory of your stored clothes so that you know where everything is at any time.

In addition, use dry cleaning plastic for expensive clothing - that will protect your wardrobe and prevent any odors or insect from gaining a foothold.

Contact us today for self storage rental units in Leeds and across the UK:

A Top 10 of Tips to Help You with Downsizing in Bradford.

Moving homes is hard, but downsizing is even harder - you are moving into a smaller space and you have to decide what goes and what stays.

Many people get stressed mostly about losing their items, but they don't consider a simple solution - they can use self storage solutions in Bradford to store their precious items instead of getting rid of them.

This way when you can afford a bigger living space you can take them out again.

Here are additional tips when downsizing in Bradford:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the new floor plan so that you know what you will be able to take with you. Visualize all the items that you absolutely need in this space and see how well everything fits together. Keep in your mind that one of the reasons for downsizing is to get rid of clutter.
  2. If you have sentimental items that you can't bear to part with there are creative ways of hanging onto them before you take them to a self storage Bradford facility - you can, for example, take photos of them.
  3. Don't make too many changes at once - hang on to your regular routines until you get used to the downsizing.
  4. If you are torn between what to keep and what to store you should ask yourself this: what would I absolutely miss if I came home and it wasn't there?
  5. A smaller home means smaller furniture, so if you have big sofas, extra large beds or any other large furniture you will have to keep in a Bradford storage facility. Make sure that it is well covered to avoid damage during storage.
  6. When buying furniture you should consider buying multi-functional furniture. A sofa-bed, for example, is a great idea, or a bed that has storage under it.
  7. Downsizing is a great time to get rid of clutter. Face it - while there are items that you cannot do without, there are many others are simply clutter. Donate them or hold a garage sale.
  8. Once you identify clutter strive to keep it out of your new home - a smaller space only gets cluttered faster.
  9. Don't forget to make your new home stylish and tasteful - you will feel so much better in a space that makes you happy.
  10. If you have a family make sure that they are prepared for the move.
Wondering where to keep your items?

Why not try Boylin's Self Store Bradford?

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Friday, 5 January 2018

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe When Re-Modelling Your Home in Sheffield

Renovating your Sheffield home can be a stressful time - despite looking forward to the new look, fixtures and fitting you have to deal with all the disruption that comes with contractors and builders.

As if that is not enough, with all the people coming and going you also have to worry about your property.

So how can you make sure that you don't suffer any losses? 

First and foremost it is very important to make sure that your valuables are secure. If you keep jewellery, money or art in the home you may want to deposit it in the bank for the duration of the renovation, or have a safe installed.

There are, however, some items that you cannot store in a safe whether at home or in a bank.

If you have precious furniture items, for example, there is no way you can stash them in a bank vault.

There is a solution for this - you can use a self storage facility in Sheffield.

These are self store facilities in Sheffield that rent out self store shipping containers in Sheffield where you can store your items for as long or as short as you like.

There are many Sheffield self storage companies but you cannot go with the first one that you come across - not all of them will keep your items safe or protect them from damage.

Here is what you should be looking for:

One such facility is Boylin's Self Store Sheffield.

It is one of the best storage facilities in Sheffield so you can trust them to keep your items safe for as long as you need.

They are also affordable.

You can find out how to rent a container on their website here:

Monday, 1 January 2018

Make Extra Space, Declutter Your Home Or Business To Accommodate A New Lodger In Leeds

If you are running behind in your bills and you have a spare room in your home one way you can make a bit more each week or month is to rent it out.

The problem, however, is that most people use the spare room in the home for storage.

That is more or less a waste of space because there is another storage option that works even better - a self storage container in Leeds.

These are self store shipping containers that are converted into self storage facitilies in Leeds and you can rent them for as long or as short as you need.

Using a self storage storage container in Leeds will mean that you don't have to part with your possessions - they will be safe and you will be able to get in a new lodger any time you like. It may sound complicated but the process is very simple.

Start by identifying a self storage Leeds facility that you can work with - more on this later. Once you have the self storage container the next thing is to sort everything - you want to get rid of items that you don't need and keep the ones that you do.

Go around the room and identify items that you haven't used for a while, and that are not precious to you. You can sell these in a garage sale to pay for some of your self storage costs, or you can donate them to a charity of your choice.

The next step is to box everything up.

Buy sturdy boxes of different sizes and if there are any precious items make sure that they are securely wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap. Tape each box at the top and bottom and then label it with whatever it contains - it makes for easy retrieval.

Next is to find a vehicle to transport the boxes to the self storage facility in Leeds. It is important that you buy a strong lock for your container - although some facilities provide the locks there are some that don't and you don't want to take any risks.

As for choosing a self storage Leeds facility, it is important that you choose one that has a reputation for safety - strong lock or not you need to know that your items will be safe for however long you need them in self storage.

The self store facility should have 24 hour CCTV to monitor who comes and goes and they should also have an employee present to guide and help clients.

Find one that has self store containers of different sizes so that you can only rent as much room as you need.

One of the best is Boylin's Self Store Leeds.

They have an excellent self store container facility in Leeds that is safe at all times and their containers are all weather proof and on ground level for easy access around the clock and year.

You can find out more about them here

from the Team  @ Boylin's Self Store

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Enjoy Your New Hobby in a Self Storage Unit in Sheffield

If you have a hobby collecting items you know how fast they can fill your Sheffield home - you may start by storing collectibles in the garage but soon that fills up and you find yourself using up the spare room.

This is a waste if that room could be potentially be put to a better use - you can use it to house a lodger or even accommodate friends and family when they are in town.

Does this mean that you should give up your hobby in collectibles? As a matter of fact no; you can still enjoy your hobby if you choose a good affordable and secure self storage facility in Sheffield.

Self storage space in Sheffield is a great way to store hobby items because not only is it safe, it is also affordable - you will only pay a few pounds each week to keep your collectibles under lock and key.

Better yet, these self store shipping containers in Sheffield are all weather proof so your items will stay intact regardless of changes in weather. For all these things to happen you have to look for a specific kind of Sheffield storage space facility:

One self store provider in Sheffield that you can trust to take care of your collectibles is Boylin's Self Store Sheffield.

They are one of the most highly experienced self store solutions providers in Yorkshire and the surrounding area, more they are one of the most affordable and secure self store providers in your local area.

You can find out more on their website here:

Monday, 18 December 2017

What is a Pop-Up Entrepreneur and How can Self Storage Help in Bradford

Pop-up businesses are becoming very common in Bradford - more and more people are seizing the opportunity to set up pop-up shops, and customers like them because they are able to get special items easily and at discounted prices.

In case you haven't heard of them, pop-up entrepreneurs are people who set up shop in street corners, malls and special events, lay out their wares and then rely on the steady stream of traffic to buy from them.

These are profitable ventures because they don't come with the other costs of running a business - you don't have to pay monthly rent, you don't have to deal with payroll or other multiple costs that you would otherwise have to pay.

 There is one thing that they have to deal with though - storage.

Pop-up entrepreneur-ism relies on high volumes of sales and for this to happen you need to have lots of inventory, which means lots storage space.

If you have an idea in mind to run a pop-up shop for a week or a month or even a day you should try out self storage Bradford solutions.

These are self storage shipping containers in Bradford that have been weather proofed and turned into self storage spaces in Bradford, and they work because of several reasons. One is that you only pay a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise pay in a storage warehouse.

In fact, it is not just pop-up businesses that are using these self storage solutions in Bradford - many businesses have realised that they are able to cut down costs significantly by using self storage shipping container facilities in Bradford for their business storage.

The other reason why business self storage in Bradford works for pop-up businesses is that it is safe.

The best self storage Bradford facilities ensure that all self storage containers are safe - they have secure locks as well as additional access barriers.

They also have 24 hour CCTV surveillance which means that you are the only one who will be able to access your business inventory.

Make sure that you choose one that uses weather proofed self storage containers in Bradford - not all of them do.

Get assurances that your items will remain secure for the duration of self storage.

The other thing you should be careful about is stacking. Make sure that all self storage containers are on ground level otherwise you will have to climb every time you want to retrieve or store items.

One self storage Bradford service that will not let you down is Boylin's Self Store Bradford.

They have a variety of sizes of self storage containers all of which are very secure, and they have an excellent track record for safe storage.

Boylin's self storage containers are all weather proof and they are on ground level with enough room so you can drive straight up to yours.

You can find out how to rent one for your next pop-up shop on their website here:

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Prepare Your Business for Christmas in Wakefield

Christmas is an important time for your Wakefield business - this is a time of year when you have the opportunity to do high traffic sales. However, many small business owners miss out because they are not prepared to deal with all the hassle that comes with this time of year.

For one, they are not able to hold enough inventory because they don't have enough room.

This year you can take advantage of all that Christmas has to offer by renting self storage containers in Wakefield.

These are becoming very common in businesses as owners realise that they come with several great advantages:
  • The first is that they are one of the most affordable storage solutions in Wakefield. Even if you have room in your business for storage you may want to put it to better use than storage - you can use it to accommodate employees, set up display stands and so on. You can only do this if you hire a container in a self storage Wakefield facility to hold inventory for you during the Christmas period. They are much more affordable than storage warehouses and they allow you to make more profitable use of the space in your premises. Make sure to get prepared on time, ideally by the end of November so that you can capture the first waves of shoppers.
  • Business Self storage in Wakefield is a great way to save money because it allows you to buy in bulk. Many manufacturers are happy to offer reduced prices to those who buy in bulk, and this not only saves you money, you can pass the savings on to your customers and make them very happy.
  • So long as you choose the right facility to work with self storage in Wakefield is generally quite safe. The containers all have locks and other access barriers so that only you have access. In addition to that the best facilities have 24 hour CCTV so that in case there is unauthorized access they are able to tell who it was and when they came.
  • Self storage containers in Wakefield are weather proof and so you can expect your items to stay in good condition despite the cold winter weather. Get a written guarantee reassuring you that you will be fully compensated in case your inventory suffers winter damage.
  • You can take inventory out of storage containers in Wakefield at any time during working hours, which means that you don't have to worry about running out of inventory - if you are running low just visit your self storage container and get more items.
One self storage Wakefield facility that will not let you down is Boylin's Self Store.

They offer self storage containers in many different sizes all of which are very safe.

They are also highly affordable.

You can find out more on their website,